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General Information

System that provides longitudinal tracking of key student performance data.


The Vermont Comprehensive Assessment Tool (VCAT) is a powerful web-based system which enables teachers and administrators to plan, administer, and assess student learning based specifically on a district’s curriculum, the Vermont Standards, and the new Common Core Standards. This easy to use and intuitive suite offers the tools necessary to support and enhance data-driven decision making.

  • VCAT allows to collect data, compare data side-by-side, and analyze the data to help make informed educational decision.
  • Data is stored directly in the SU/School District's database, and remain from year to year.
  • Incorporates data from SBAC, DRA, Fountas & Pinnell, PNOA, and other standardized tests.
  • Allows to keep track of student demographic data like Gender, IEP, Race, and SES, and any other ones that may be relevant.
  • Performance reports are available directly from the system, and can be run across subjects and multiple years.
  • All Vermont Standards, Common Core Standards, National Core Art Standards, National Standards for Foreign Language Education, and Next Generation Science Standards are included in the system, and soon the SHAPE Physical Education Standards will be added to the list as well.



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