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General Information

The vHub Validation system allows you to validate data before submitting it for Vermont SLDS reporting. This tool dramatically increases the efficiency of the submissions process by pulling multiple related records from PowerSchool onto a single page to streamline the review process, identifying errors, and providing insight on how to correct them.

The Admin section also helps you maintain error-free data throughout the year. It includes the option for automatic nightly submissions to check accuracy and easy download of files for review. You can also control user access and upload files directly to vHub support for additional assistance.

With the vHub Validation system, your registrar will be able to maintain high quality records that are ready for SLDS reporting.

Log in/Log Out

Two Log In Options

vHub User ID and Password

  • Type in your User ID.
  • Type in your password.
  • Click on the Login button.

Google Sign-In

  • In order for a staff to gain access to vHub using the Google Sign-In feature, the email address associated with the staff account in vHub must be the same as the one used for the Google account.
  • Click on G Sign in to log in vHub using your Google account. If you're already signed in Google with the account using the same email as the one entered in vHub, you will automatically be logged in vHub.
  • Google Sign-In supports all major browsers. You must be signed into Google on the browser you are using.
  • If you click on G Sign in and your email in vHub isn't the same as the one associated with the Google account you're logged in with, you will get a message in red that reads: Google User not authenticated for this system.
  • If you click on G Sign In and you're not already signed in your Google account, the system will bring you to Google and allow you to sign in. Once you're signed in Google using the same email address as the one entered in vHub, you'll automatically be logged in vHub as well.

NOTE: Cookies must also be enabled for Google Sign-In to work. If the browser has Block third-party cookies turned on, it will NOT work.

Log Out

  • It is essential that you log out when you are done using vHub to ensure that no one else gets access to vHub via your computer.
  • To log out, simply click on the Logout blue link located on the top left, under your name and Password link.

NOTE: vHub will TIME OUT after an extended period of inactivity.

Plugin Installation

vHub State Reporting Access

This plugin gives vHub Validation access to state reporting data through the PowerSchool API.

A plugin file is required. Request one from support@vhub.us if needed.

To install, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Start Page > System Administrator > System Settings > Plugin Management Dashboard in PowerSchool.
  2. Click Install button.
  3. Choose plugin file and install.
  4. Click Data Provider Configuration link.
  5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the OAuth Credentials section.
    OAuth Credentials.png
  6. Go to the vHub Validation backend at vhub.us/pshubrest
  7. Log in using Google Sign-In and the email address used when contacting support@vhub.us. The email address must be linked to a Google account.
  8. Select any of your Orgs, they all share the same credentials, and click Apply.
    Select Org And Apply.png
  9. Click on Staff_Identity to enter the Crosswalk Editor.
    Click On Staff Identity.png
  10. Enter your PowerSchool URL (e.g. https://mmsd.powerschool.com) in the API URL field and the Client ID and Client Secret from step #5 in their fields. Then click the Update Authorization button.
    Crosswalk Auth.png
  11. If API Authorization and API Expiration fill in with a number and date, installation is complete. If not, contact support@vhub.us.

vHub State Reporting Interface A

This plugin adds links for accessing vHub Validation to the PowerSchool interface.